Sunday, 9 March 2014

Kiss From a Rose

The earth laughs in flowers.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today was a gorgeous sunny day in London Town. Myself and a good friend decided to meet for brunch in East London and have a little pootle around.

We met at The Diner on Curtain Road for some very yummy sweet potato pancakes, which were absolutely delish.  I love The Diner (they have a branch in Covent Garden that I frequent) mainly because of their sweet potato fries (why does no one sell these in a supermarket yet?) and their milkshakes.  It has a rock vibe with tattooed waiters and great music.  A perfect place to hang out over a cup of joe.
delightful pancakes and syrup

After a good gossip and gawp at some hot Shoreditch boys, we had a little stroll down to Columbia Road Flower Market which is a weekly flower market near Bethnal Green.
The place was HEAVING, I had brief flashbacks of a sweaty, busy Portobello market last Summer before throwing myself into the fray. Batting off hipsters in shades and tourists with backpacks we made our way through the stalls, shops and cafes to browse the gorgeous flowers and vintage homewares.  
I fell in love with a vintage shipping trunk that I'd love for a front room coffee table, I'll have to go back with either a car or bionic arms -it's not something I'd have attempted to carry on the tube….  I love the 50s and retro style furnishings so I was in heaven in and out of the unique shops. I'd much prefer a home full of items with a story rather than everything coming from the same catalogue.
Bizarrely we saw a lady selling chocolate filled donuts from her narrow front door, helped by her toddler! It's tiny things like that that make Shoreditch a bit different from the usual.

East London has a great vibe, I can't believe I lived there so long and just didn't make the most of it.  It would definitely be on my shortlist next time I move house.  If you haven't visited then make sure you do - and don't miss Brick Lane - a fabulous quirky little street with a crazy mix of shops and a 24 hour Bagel shop too if you're ever passing late at night!
cute houses by Columbia Road Market

The weather was such a treat today, it feels like we're getting a bit of Spring on the way and I even got my sunglasses out for the first time.  Plus it has the added bonus of cheering everyone up so despite the rush hour like foot traffic through the stalls, we managed to stay calm and enjoy ourselves!

What did you do today? 


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