Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Weekend

“Time does not pass, it continues” ― Marty Rubin

Four days off work.  What a treat.  You have to make sure you use this time wisely as it is rare!
I spent a lovely afternoon at Westfield with a friend, drinking cocktails (yes pornstar martinis), eating brunch at Balans, shopping and gossiping of course.  I bought new jeans and a couple of summery vests, I'm loving the pastels everywhere.  I also need an outfit for a Summer wedding -but haven't been inspired yet.  Any thoughts?

A Balans Pornstar Martini

My new purchases

On Saturday I went East and met two very old friends for lunch.  It's been a while since we were all together and it was so nice to catch up.  As I was already close by I decided to go for a wander round Spitalfields market.  It was so lovely and definitely worth a visit if you've not been. I was stuffed from lunch but there's loads of yummy looking food options so go hungry!
I bought a gorgeous photo print that I just couldn't resist from this photographer which I now need to get framed.

These cookies looked amazing
As it's turning into a busy weekend I'm going to leave this post here and tell you the rest of my news later.

Hope you had a good one



  1. I've nominated your blog to Liebster Award! http://mummysbeautycorner.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/blogs-liebster-award.html
    Dagmara xx

  2. The pizza look so good :)
    Great pictures!
    x Hannah

  3. Great photos!! The food looks sooooo delicious haha :)



  4. Hello hun,
    This is very lovely post,love reading your blog!
    Maybe we could follow each other,let me know on my blog?


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