Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Keep Going

'Obsession is what lazy people call dedication.'

My post holiday blues have well and truly set in.. Not only have I gambled all my money and eaten more than my body weight in pancakes, I have no further holidays booked, so April's looking a bit glum.

On that note and to punish myself for all the chocolate milkshakes I drank abroad, I headed to the gym on Tuesday for a first work out.  Whenever I go to the gym, my mantra as I leave the office is 'Melt that Lard' as said by Steve from Fat Families (one of my guilty pleasures).  It normally works and this week I powered through 30 mins of cardio before deciding that was quite enough for one day.

As I really enjoy eating cake and pizza, working out is a necessity for me. But it's all about the inspiration in order to make me do it!  I've managed to fit in two workouts this week, but hopefully next week will be a bit quieter on the work front and I can concentrate on banishing the jelly belly.
My computer says this to me every morning to remind me!

What's your fitness mantra?



  1. I usually chant "bandeau bikini" in my head while I am working out because I want to be able to wear my new bikini! Ha ha!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post :) Just been checking out yours and i know exactly how you feel with counting down the minutes! Do you have pinterest? This is my board of pins for motivation, if you need to be inspired I'm sure there's something on there that will help!!


    Fingers crossed we can get there :) L x

  3. I love the quote you started with!!
    Thanks for your visit on my page :) Glad you referred me back to yours.
    Working out is hard for me but I think your mantra works well.
    Plus, I really want to learn how to take care of my body. After all, we only get one body in this lifetime. Might as well love it.


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