Thursday, 1 May 2014

A break in Barcelona

I'd love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job.
Bobby Heenan
I've been to Barcelona twice now, it's such a great place  and I love the contrast between busy city, culture and beach break. Seeing as I have no holidays currently booked (sob) I thought I'd reminisce about my time there.
Gaudi's architecture is so beautiful and it's everywhere you go (look up wherever you are).  My favourite is probably Park Guell - a good walk up a fairly steep street but so worth it.  The flowers are gorgeous, the views are amazing and the mosaic stone and tile work is so fascinating.  Definitely worth a look.
In the Park
Second is this beauty - the unfinished chapel called Sagrada Familia (  It is visually amazing.  We took a tour and it's really astonishingly gorgeous.  The doors are intricately carved wood and look amazing, I even designed a tattoo inspired by them (but haven't had it done yet).  If you're heading to Barcelona this is a must do - I promise you'll be delighted!
Just off Las Ramblas (the main thoroughfare running through the central touristy region) is a great, authentic market selling meat, veg, fresh juice and more importantly -lots of sweets.  It's always heaving and a bit smelly by the meat and fish stands, but worth a visit - and you'll definitely buy something to tickle your tastebuds.
Market stall
We stayed at Hotel Jazz ( which was great and had a rooftop pool which is always a bonus for me!  The weather can be a bit hit and miss - we had 4 glorious days and 1 day where it chucked it down and that was mid July - don't forget to pack a jacket just in case.
Down by Port Olimpico, to you and I that's the beach area, there are clubs, bars and restaurants of all kinds. We discovered some great stylish bars and pricey swanky food choices (there's also your typical beachside bars if that's more your thing). Cava is really cheap so we drank carafes of the stuff. We also spent a fun night in Catwalk club ( We didn't get chance but, I'd love to have drinks at the W hotel who's tower now adorns the skyline - next time!
The Marina
The mix between the beach and city means you can have a really varied holiday, relaxing on the beach by day and exploring the barrios and bars by night.  I was heavily warned about pickpockets in Barcelona, but I had not experience of it - I do live in London and am always careful so perhaps I was just more aware

Have you been?  What did you think?



  1. I went to Barcelona in November and it is definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe! The food and sangria is amazing :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. yes its such a lovely place isn't it :)

  2. Never been to Barcelona but you make it sound lovely, definitely getting added to my wanderlust list! Thanks for popping by my blog too! Now following you on bloglovin so look forward to reading more of your adventures

    1. thank you, speak soon I'm sure :)

  3. fab!


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