Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Food glorious food

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” 
― Orson Welles

I had a lovely Saturday planned and was delighted when I woke up to 20 degree sunshine (despite having left my favourite sunglasses in Vegas).  For anyone who doesn't live in the UK - yes 20 degrees is warm!
Obviously having no suitable summer clothes (must go shopping) I decided foolishly to wear jeans which I then regretted for the rest of the day.  I met my sister and we headed to East London for a spot of lunch at my fave The Diner.  My sis had never been before so she tucked into a pulled pork burger while I stuck to my favourite - the humble hotdog. 
a glorious hot dog

Sweet potato fries are the best
After all that food we had a little wander round Spitalfields market along the way treating ourselves to a delicious chocolate brownie from a stall (which we shared so it doens't count).  We decided to work off our calories with a brisk walk through the city to Covent Garden. This took approximately forever and we were cream crackered when we got there! 

In the evening I met a friend for a wander round the Southbank, stopping at The Scooter Cafe for an Aperol Spritz.  I'd never been before but instantly fell for it's charms which include eclectic seating, a Vespa in the window and a little cat sleeping on the seat by our table.  The bar maids were so friendly and I really liked the laid back vibe. There's a room downstairs you can hire too for a party.
Cat visitor

Quirky bits and pieces

After a wander back to Waterloo we decided that we simply must eat Franco Manca before going home. As I've previously mentioned I love pizza and I really love Franco Manca, so I gladly headed up to Goodge St and luckily only had to wait 5 minutes or so to be seated (they don't take reservations so by the time we left the queue was huge).

We tucked into yummy garlic bread and a number 2 pizza (cheese and tomato) which as usual was served super fast and we had another lovely waitress.

delicious garlic bread at Franco Manca

Feeling completely stuffed I rolled home and now definitely need some sort of serious diet!  I had such a lovely day though and nice to see two of my favourite people in one day.

gift card that seems to sum me up too well!
Hope you had a good one



  1. I loved this post, even if it did make me really, really hungry-those sweet potato fries look AMAZING.

    1. hahaha yes get yourself down there!!


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