Friday, 9 May 2014

And they call it puppy love

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

I thought than when I was finally a grown up, I'd be able to do whatever I wanted.  This mainly involved being able to leave the washing up without being told off and having my very own dog.  Sadly, whilst I am now a grown up, I am also sensible enough to know that I can't have a dog while I have a full time job.  My work means that I often have to work evenings as well as my office hours and I just wouldn't be at home enough to look after a pet of my own.  Growing up we always had dogs although I have to confess when we got our bull mastiff I was a little bit nervous, until she snuggled up to me in the car home and I fell in love!
Me as a baby, apparently driving a boat with our dog
She loves me really I'm sure
But now, living in a flat as I do, it's just not feasible… So I dream of the day I have a nice big garden and a few dogs racing around.  My favourite breeds are french bulldogs (have you seen this instagram account? I love it) and cocker poos.  In reality I don't really agree with buying a pedigree puppy as I think it's a much better idea to adopt a rescue dog.  I love the idea of being able to provide a sad, lonely dog a new home - you'd definitely get a friend for life.
Cute cockerpoos

Look at his face!!

If you want to support any rescue dogs then check these links for ways to help.  I used to volunteer at a cat sanctuary which is always struggling and I know a little can go a long way.  They have an Amazon wish list for necessities and goodies which I think is such a good idea - so you can donate cat food or blankets rather than money if you wish (

Being with dogs really makes me happy and I love taking the opportunity to hang out with my dog friends when I can!

Do you have a dog? What kind.. go on make me jealous… 



  1. aww all these dogs are so gorgeous!! lovely blog :) i'd love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Aw all of these dogs are so gorgeous! I have a puppy who just turned one in February, she's called Luna and is cross between a miniature jack russell and a chihuahua she's lovely!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. so gel you have a dog… one day i'll get one too!


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