Monday, 12 May 2014

A week of travels

“I like the pace of my world. It's busy, but for me, the less I do the lazier I get.” 
― Hoda Kotb

I've had a really busy week doing lots of travelling for work; trips to Manchester and an overnight in Germany have left me absolutely knackered and to top it off I travelled to Bristol on Saturday morning to pick up something which involved a very early start too.
Suffice to say my lie in on Sunday was very enjoyable.

While I was in Manchester I had time for a quick catch up with some family before dashing off to my engagement.
Yes i love posing!

Later in the week I took a trip to Germany to visit some clients.  After an early start on BA, I had a stressful train trip from the airport where I convinced myself I was on the wrong train and took to asking strangers 'Sprechen sie Englisch??'
Anyway, after an emergency text to a colleague asking him to check the German train timetables I made it to my destination and got ready as quick as I could for my evening.
More hotel posing!
I had such a lovely evening with my clients and didn't get back to my hotel until almost 2am.  My 7.30am alarm was not a welcome noise I can tell you!  
My flight back was uneventful and I tried to catch 40 winks unsuccessfully.

No sooner had I got back, I was off again.  Fresh over night bag packed, I headed off to my friend's house to get ready for our road trip.  We set off to Bristol at the crack of dawn and had a lovely time bombing down the M4 in all weathers.  I took my trusty Polaroid 300 with me and took a couple of snaps along the way.
Terrible quality pic of me (posing again) with our car!

By the time I eventually got home I was shattered and can't believe it's back to work again -can I have another weekend please!!?



  1. hahah i love that picture of you with the car! so great! :) sounds like you had such a busy week!!

    1. might need to practice my poses!

  2. Replies
    1. hopefully this week will be quieter!

  3. So awesome that you did all that traveling!! I loved Germany when I went, but I wasn't there for long. Definitely want to go back some day :)

    1. yeh nice to get about a bit, but i was so tired!!

  4. Sounds like a buys week. Love your hair in the top picture! Xx

    1. thank you - it's my new fave!


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