Friday, 16 May 2014

The skin we're in

I'd been having problems with my skin which had been stressing me out.
My skin type has changed and my old products have been exacerbating the problem
In my search for something to soothe my skin I've come across a range called Pai ( which I am loving and I thought I should share it in case anyone else needs a gentle,organic range to ease their pain!

My favourite product is the camellia and rose cleanser pictured above which you can use as make up remover and eye make up remover as well which is rare and brilliant! 
I've been using a taster pot for about a week and have become a convert.  My face is no longer so dry and itchy and along with their avocado moisturiser I feel almost normal again- hooray!

What products do you use for sensitive skin?



  1. I love Pai's Rosehip Oil!

  2. Have never heard of this range but sounds lovely. Problematic skin can be so stressful! Xx

    1. yeh give it a try if you have sensitive skin, i'm loving it!

  3. i have this and really love it too!

    from helen at

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