Saturday, 28 June 2014


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
― Lao Tzu

Bright and super early on Saturday morning I dragged myself out of bed and made it to Gatwick for a weekend break in Valencia.  By the time we arrived we were absolutely ready to jump straight in this pool (or in my case, read sedately on a lounger before eventually dipping my toes in)
SH Palace Valenica Hotel pool
After all that lying around we were starving and after map reading like pros to a recommended restaurant, we found it....shut.  Apparently the Spaniards get hungry a lot later than me.  So we hot footed it to the nearest pizza joint before my blood sugar got any lower.  Once I was stuffing myself with a margarita I felt much better and started to enjoy my surroundings. We'd managed to find one of the prettiest restaurants in Valencia! Not that you can really tell from these pics, but take it from me it was lovely.

When we got back to the hotel there were a group of men sitting in reception wearing T Shirts saying @DaddyYankee, we thought it might be a hip hop dance troupe but after a little Twitter investigation we realised we were staying at the same hotel as Daddy Yankee himself! Here's one of his hits if you want a refresher.... 
We found the hotel's rooftop bar pretty sharpish and enjoyed the local drink (Agua De Valencia) in the hugest cocktail glass ever! It was such a warm evening, I carried a cardigan round for 3 days for no reason whatsoever!
Agua de Valencia
In the morning we enjoyed a little lie in, a yummy breakfast where we tried to sample as much as humanly possible (and saw Daddy Yankee enjoying some food) and then we were ready to hit the old town for a wander round.  We walked as much as possible as it was a pretty stroll through the dried up river bed park into town, but there is a Metro if you'd rather and lots of people rode the Valencian equivalent of a Boris bike which I avoided even though my friend was desperate to try it.  Here are some pictures from our day strolling in the fierce heat.

It wasn't that sunny, so we picked a good day for a stroll but it was roasting - with hardly any breeze - so definitely don't forget your sun tan lotion.  There's a beautiful cathedral in Valencia (which was shut when we got there), it's where the Holy Grail is kept, so quite a thing to see.  

Our holiday song was Bilamos, by the dreamy Enrique, so here you go - enjoy!

Part 2 with our trip to BioPark, our hotel (and more cocktails) coming soon



  1. beautiful photos!
    looks amazing

  2. Gorgeous photos!

    1. thank u - its a pretty city x


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