Sunday, 13 July 2014

4 ways the Kardashians make me feel Inadequate

“When anybody honks at me in traffic, I blush, wave, and shout, “Thanks for being a fan.” Being a celebrity is a 24/7 thing.”
― Jarod Kintz, $3.33

Nobody can deny the impact the Kardashian family have had on pop culture since Kim burst onto the scene as Paris Hilton's BFF back in the day.
Now the whole family are in the limelight, including sock designing bro Rob whether he likes it or not, and it seems their whole purpose in life is to make me feel bad about myself.
1) Their beauty -Let's start with the obvious - the Kardashain girls are beautiful.  I think we can probably all agree that Kim and Kendall are perhaps the most genetically blessed, but I mean, i know they work out while I like to lay on my sofa eating pizza, but really? Hourglass is not the word and dont get me started on Kendall's model physique. We'll leave Rob out of this particular bullet point... Although I did have a little chuckle at this pic from Paris fashion week where Kim looks positively miniature   

 2) The lifestyle these girls lead is amazing. Houses all over the country and World actually, weekly facials, massages, hot celeb boyfriends, lunch at Mr Chow, you name it - they do it from behind their designer sunglasses and they don't mind showing off about it on Instagram either.  (#yesimjealous)  Anyone else taken a #HeliSelfie recently?
3) Their Have it All Attitude - Kim now has a one year old (if anyone's actually missed that news I'd be gobsmacked) and a successful career, and Kourtney has made her kids part of her brand.  Is there nothing they can't do? Fashion, Perfume, Make up collections, Modelling.  Never mind the lifeblood of the 'Kardashian Klan' - their reality show.  Which I don't mind admitting I watched a re run of the other night which let us in to the fact that Kim didn't want Baby North to actually have a surname -a la Madonna - I ask you!
The fairytale wedding of Kim and Kanye (or Kimye if you'd rather) sent the tabloids and blogs into overdrive. I actually thought she looked pretty good - perhaps Kanye is a classy influence (he strikes me as an ego maniac but there you go)  So she has a business, a family and loads of money - sounds pretty good to me - although I'll take bets on how long this husband lasts... 

4) If the parties and the outfits weren't enough then perhaps it's the international travel that get's your goat. Not content with a luke warm week in Tenerife this family hire villas, yachts, hotel suites all over the place - ALL THE TIME. Watching the episodes of KUWTK set in Mykonos (amusingly pronounced Mike-a-nose by the fam) made my wanderlust bug postively boil over.  It looked so beautiful and yet all they did was argue and sleep - I do know that it's not exactly reality, but still.. they should be making the most of every second.

Of course there are aspects of their life I'm uber jel of, but I like to think that perhaps they're jealous of my ability to go to tesco in my PJs on a Sunday and not get papped... Well a girl can dream.

Do you love or hate them?


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