Saturday, 26 July 2014

A weekend in Devon

“You need to make time for your family no matter what happens in your life”
― Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook
On Friday, after sneaking out of work a couple of hours early, I set off (on a very long and un-air conditioned train) to see my family in Devon.
As previously mentioned my Mum has recently moved house and I hadnt yet seen her new abode.  Apart from a thunder storm while we slept, the weather miraculously held and we had a lovely couple of days pottering round outside.
The family dog kept us entertained trying to get himself onto the boat for our trip across the river - he even had to pay (60p) which seems unfair as he has no way to earn any money! (Thankfully his Dad paid for him!)

We had a family meal in the local gastropub, consuming plentiful fish and chips, pie and Pimms - a great recipe for a night out.

On Sunday we drove to a local beach for a picnic.  No sooner had we laid out the blankets, the rain began but thankfully passed as soon as we'd packed back up! So umbrellas on standby we lazed about, eating sandwiches (and trying to avoid the hungry seagulls who seemed determined to eat as much of our picnic as they could) and laughing our heads off.  

I dont get much chance to head to the country side to catch up with relatives so it's lovely when we're all together and time passes very quickly.  I almost missed my train back to London as there was a fire in a nearby field and the road was clsoed, but thanks to some savvy driving I managed to make it just in time.

Of course when i got back to London, wearing flip flops and with no coat, it was raining... but you can't win 'em all!



  1. Lovely pictures. I recently visited the same town as one of last of my blog posts from last month start with almost the same picture!
    Looks like you were really lucky with the weather and had a great time. :)

    1. yeh we were -thankfully the storms were at night!


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