Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ten places you just have to get to

I often sit at my desk daydreaming of where I'd next like to go on holiday.  After much consideration, these are my Top 10 have-to-visit destinations. (Please note this changes daily so don't hold me to it!!)

1) Mexico
Either the celeb filled Cabo, haven for stars such as Jennifer Anniston or the party town of Cancun. These blue seas, white sands locations look like heaven and I'm so looking forward to the day my feet finally touch that sand.
2) Miami
A party location if ever there was one. I want to look at the palm trees and wear neon sipping a cocktail.
Miami skyline
3) Chicago
Home of the deep dish pizza, this beautiful city was the backdrop to a great book I just read City of Dark Hearts.  I'd love to explore more of the US than just Vegas!
4) Venice
Surely one of the prettiest, most photogenic towns in Italy, the canals and gondolas are so iconic to me and it's my must see place in Europe.
Chicago deep dish pizza
5) Mykonos
This Greek island has been on my wish list for a while now, it looks so beautiful.
6) Hawaii
Ever since I read The Girl in Times Square I've wanted to visit Hawaii (plus I could swing by Vegas on the way home).  I can never quite decide which island - any thoughts?
Mykonos waters

Hawaii nature
7) The Taj Mahal 
This building is so beautiful, I know it's a popular pilgrimage destination and that the crowds might put me off, but it remains a dream to visit.
8) Iceland
All the Instragram pics of people in hot springs in freezing weather look so amazing and I want to experience this for myself.  Plus the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon, is something I'd really love to see for myself. Although if I drove out of the city in -20 degree weather and then didn't see them I'd be furious!
Taj Mahal

Iceland hot springs
9) Cuba
This communist country is falling apart by all accounts, and I keep being told 'if you're going, then go soon'.  But the 50s charm of the place really appeals, plus Havana is a location in one of my favourite musicals 'Guys and Dolls' and I want to see it for myself.
10) Dubai
I know that Dubai is a bit hit and miss for people, as it's very strict customs together with it's new build nature can be off putting. But for a luxury treat I think I'd love it.

Dubai aerial view

Where is top of your list?



  1. I wish I could visit all of those places as well! Right now I am spending ages of dreaming of the destinations and those ones look pretty cool as well :)

  2. I live in Chicago and I can tell you it's a fun place to be! Just come in summer if you can. Winter is to be avoided at all costs ;)

    1. Ill let you know when i book a trip! :)

  3. I'm definitely sharing a few places with you. I'd love to visit Iceland, and soon, preferably ;) And Hawaii, one day. I've been to Venice twice and it's very nice, but overcrowded at the same time, obviously. Like most places in Italy (that's my experience). In a little bit more than a month, I'm making my dream of visiting Cinque Terre come true. Hopefully, cause you never know ;) It's always good to dream, but it's even better to make your dreams come true.

    1. they all sound great -will check out your blog now :)


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