Monday, 4 August 2014

I will walk 500 miles

 “Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”
― Steven Wright

This weekend we did an epic 15 mile walk as part of our marathon training.
I am always last in our group - I blame my legs, they ache too much. I suppose I wasn't helped by 26 degree weather on my pale and ghost like skin.  I've also noticed that I tend to daydream and when I snap out of it, my walking pals have disappeared round the corner.
However, I do feel good that we've achieved a good distance with 8 weeks still to go and hopefully we have time for another 10mile+ this week to keep up my stamina, although my legs would tell a different story if they had mouths (which thankfully they don't!)

I've been getting lots of donations from friends and family, which is lovely. I'm so grateful for their support and hope that I complete my challenge in good time so that I deserve my donations.
If you want to donate to Cancer Research click this link I'll be super grateful if you can help.

It's lovely being able to walk around London and see areas thats I never knew existed.  This week we wandered through Hackney Wick and Stoke Newington and I couldn't believe how nice they seemed. Obviously it's always better when the sun is shining and there were people sitting outside bars everywhere drinking Pimms and making me jealous as I trudged along in my sweaty leggings.

I'm using the Nike Running App (although I absolutely do not run anywhere) and seeing the calories burned at the end is so satisfying, even if the DLR home wasn't so fun!

Anyway, that's enough waffling I've got some serious stretching to do.


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