Thursday, 28 August 2014

Stax Diner - Review

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake!” 
― Scott Adams

On Monday I went for dinner with two lovely friends for a overdue catch up.  We ate a quick meal at Strada restaurant, before heading over to Stax Diner off Carnaby Street for dessert.

I'd seen online that Stax serves an oreo/baileys milkshake which is what tempted me in the first place, but the savoury menu is quite limited and as one of our party is on a strict diet, there was literally nothing for her to eat (hence the Strada trip).  However if you like fried chicken and waffles then get yourself down there immediately as you'll be in heart attack heaven.
However, when we arrived and took our window seat I was transfixed by the idea of the do-bro a 'fudge brownie donut' with ice-cream and promptly changed my mind.  It was definitely worth it - it tasted delicious.  Warm, deep fried chocolately goodness, I mean, what's not to love?
Stax Diner - the do bro

Our window seats

The restaurant had a nice, relaxed atmosphere and wasn't too busy. Service was friendly and quick (bonus). Stax is on the 1st floor of Kingly Court off Carnaby St and is above another fave of mine Pizza Pilgrims new location (which I'm visiting this week). 
It was raining cats and dogs when we turned up but the courtyard has a lovely holiday vibe with outside tables, decking and fairy lights lending some atmosphere!
The desserts were priced at £5.75, which is reasonable and they're definitely worth the trip, next time I'm going for the milkshake for sure...

Let me know if you go.



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