Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Volunteering and working abroad

“In America, anyone can become president. That's the problem.” 
― George Carlin

I've had a fascination with America since I discovered the movie 'Annie' when I was about 7 and fell in love with NYC.  I visited Florida when I was 6, New York at 19 and then Vegas regularly since my early 20s.  But, along with millions of others I'm sure, I've always fancied that cross country road trip, ideally in a VW camper of course!

The problem with going away for a long period of time I suppose, is being brave enough to give up all your home comforts, and a great deal of money, in pursuit of adventure and endless memories.  While I know I'd have a  fabulous time, all these thoughts crowd in and make me wonder if I could ever do something so fearless...  I'm sure this goes through everyone's head when they decide that travelling is the option to go for, but I don't know if I can get past all the sensible stuff that goes running through my head when I start to daydream.
I know there are many, many opportunities to volunteer as a sort of working holiday in locations as far and wide as Nevada, Mexico, Croatia, Thailand etc.  I've looked at a few websites, however I think without another language or some useful outdoor skills I might not be that much help.  There are lots of programmes working in conservation or with animals across the world, but the thought of spiders and exotic animals makes me a bit nervous, and the other option is teaching or helping children but in a country where I don't speak the language I wonder how useful I could be?

It's definitely something to consider and look into as the opportunites look amazing if you can handle the shared bedrooms, cold showers and tough conditions. I'm sure it'd feel amazing to contribute something and have a brilliant adventure but I haven't yet seen something that absolutely grabs me.

Have you done any overseas volunteering? Let me know your experiences as any first hand experience would be great to hear


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  1. I wouldn't considering volunteering, but I participated in Disney's Cultural Representative Program this year, which is a one year program where you get to live and work in Disney World, Florida! It was an amazing opportunity, and I got to travel the US and see everything I wanted to see in the meantime! :)

    1. looks brill, but I'm not a student anymore :((


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