Thursday, 18 September 2014

7 films from my youth

“I know the best moments can never be captured on film, even as I spend nearly half my life trying to do just that.” 
― Rosie O'Donnell

I've just got home from an exhausting training walk and have, by chance, turned on the TV to see one of my favourite films from childhood on Ch5 - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  It made me think about how certain films fill me with memories of happy, younger times and no matter how many times I watch them I never tire of them.  I thought I'd let you know my favourites.

Annie- after appearing as Annie aged 7 at my local theatre, this film formed a huge part of my youth!  My Mum got me started on the musical films early.

Dirty Dancing - I definitely watched this, a lot, before I was probably old enough to appreciate it's adult themes.  The soundtrack was on repeat on my tape deck for many years. Jennifer Grey's career high was my teen dream.

Bugsy Malone - I fell in love with Bugsy Malone aged about 11 and watched it as often as I was allowed.  I so wanted to be Tallulah and the music is on my iPod still.

Death becomes Her - This is a firm family favourite. Again, perhaps a little grown up for my pre teen tastes but my siblings and I spent a whole summer quoting this film and even now, whenever it's on TV I'll get a text from one of them alerting me or quoting 'You pushed me down the stairs'.

Mrs Doubtfire - a great 90s film. I received this on VHS one Christmas and fell in love. Mara Wilson is the cutest and the Sally Field and Robin Williams magic is wonderful.

Miss Congeniality - Once I hit my late teens Miss Congeniality became my favourite film - I swear I used to watch it every day, a rom com classic. Sandra Bullock never fails as far as I'm concerned.

Willy Wonka - the whole inspiration for this post, Charlie Bucket and co made a huge lasting impression on me. The music is gorgeous, the story heartwarming and Gene Wilder is hilarious.  My best friend and I used to talk all the time about what a wonderful musical it'd make and then last year it opened in the West End! (also my nickname used to be Veruca Salt)

Other memorable films include Parenthood, Beethoven, Sliding Doors, Clueless and Beauty and the Beast, but we haven't got time to discuss all those too!

What are your childhood film classics?


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  1. My all time has to be "Mary Poppins" even though I'm a 90's kid! But there was always something magical about that nanny! I remember laying down in the floor and just being fascinated by it.

    1. love mary poppins - disney has it covered!


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