Saturday, 6 September 2014

Homeslice Pizza -London - Review

So apparently I'm addicted to pizza! Who knew...

Today's dinner consisted of a long overdue trip to Homeslice with two of my colleagues for a gossip/wine session along with a huge 20" pizza.  You can imagine how excited I was to get my laughing gear round that. I spied Homeslice on a wander through Neal's Yard months ago and due to my fondness for Franco Manca have managed to miss trying it out until now.

We had to put our names down for a table, the wait was about 20 mins (we passed the time doing an impromptu photo shoot against the brightly coloured walls of Neal's Yard).  

We decided on our pizza toppings almost before we sat down so ordered some white wine to be getting on with.  TIP; it arrives in a ginormous carafe and you get charged for what you drink- be aware as it's all too easy to keep topping up!

Then the main event arrived.  I was not disappointed, look at the size of this bad boy (I promise I shared it).  It comes with a pizza cutter so you can choose your own size piece, although basically each slice is large.  The dough is chewy and a bit salty which contrasts with the tomato.  I probably would have gone for some extra cheese, but it was yummy nevertheless.  I don't think they offer any sides or non pizza choices, not that that bothers me, but for you people who like salad etc you might like to know.
The pizzas are £20 for a 20" pizza which seems fair to me. They also serve slices of a couple of flavours which are £4, so perhaps good if you're wandering round Covent Garden at lunchtime.  The service was friendly and efficient although the pizzas don't arrive quite as fast as Pizza Pilgrim.  I think it'd be a lovely place for a work night out or casual birthday meal as there are long benches to sit at creating a nice atmosphere.

Have you been? What did you think?



  1. I actually just passed there today and I was so tempted to gain in! Darn will have to go in next time looks

    1. give it a try - they do take away slices too :0


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