Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A trip to Turkey

When you spend money on a holiday you are essentially purchasing happiness: if you don't enjoy yourself you will feel defrauded.” 
― Alison LurieThe Last Resort

Last week I took a glorious four days off work and jumped on a glam Easyjet plane to Bodrum.  I have a close friend who, along with her husband, is sailing on a 30ft yacht around Greece and Turkey for 6 months.  What a crazy, brave thing to do!  They left the UK in April and have now journeyed across to West Turkey where I thought I'd join them for a few days of sailing.

Let me say now, I have a general fear of boats, water and heights, so sailing has never been top of my list but after attending their wedding two years earlier on a gullet I've managed to cure my fears a little and was looking forward to a relaxing break.
Sleeping on a rocking, very hot boat was my first challenge - I think the first night I probably got about 4 hours sleep and of course boats don't have hot water, or wifi, or microwaves... what they do have is AMAZING views, the clearest sea 'swimming pool' I've ever seen and if you're lucky some lovely company.
After getting used to sleeping in secluded bays, rocking gently in the ocean open to the elements and having showers hanging off the back of the boat in my swimsuit, I decided I actually quite liked the low key vibe. I hardly looked in the mirror, didn't style my hair (there are no GHDs on a sailing yacht!), took no outfit shots and wore as little make up as possible. It was refreshing to just hit reset, chill out and fully relax.

We ate mostly on the boat, cooking in the tiny kitchen. It's amazing what you can rustle up with 2 hobs and a grill.  However we did have a couple of meals out, one which ended with a dingy ride back from the town to the boat in the pitch black (very scary let me tell you). It was really lovely to hang out with my friends and have some quality time chatting about nothing and making new memories.  One of my favourite moments was when a speed boat jetted into our bay which turned out to be an ice cream van - I was too busy running for my purse to get a picture, but you'll have to trust me that the double chocolate magnum went down a treat!
One day we decided to get up super early and watch the sunrise which was pretty amazing ( as soon as it was up we immediately went back to bed for a snooze).  I'll remember that morning for a long time.
Have you ever been sailing? Would you like to try it?



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    1. thank you , will try to do it soon x

  2. Literally living on a boat is my life goal haha... this just added to that fire.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. do it do it - i had such a great time (apart from the whole no hot water thing)


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