Monday, 13 October 2014

Friday Night in London

“To alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems” ― Matt Groening

On Friday night I had one of those spontaneous nights out that are typical of London.  After dinner and a show, we went for 'one drink' which ended with me in a taxi at 3am.  A great night!

We paid a fleeting visit to The Craft Beer Co in Covent Garden for a quick drink first. As a non beer drinker I stuck to vodka, but my companion was amazed and delighted by the choice of unusual craft beers and lagers on offer.  Plus it wasn't expensive either - especially for central London.  There was a great atmosphere inside, we got served really quick - props to the number of bar staff and there's a lounge area downstairs if you want to rest your feet.  They serve burgers too until about 10pm, which we didn't have time for on this   visit, but think i'd return to give them a try.

Then we headed to a local pub, which was bizarrely hosting Heat magazine a party so the DJ played 90s hits all night, which I loved.  After perhaps one too many vodkas and definitely too many selfies (which I won't share here!) the bar shut and we decided we were hungry.. well this is what happens when you stay up till breakfast time.

We headed into Soho, a very unlikely drunk trio, and headed to Balans.  As I've told you about before, I'm a big fan of Balans - mainly for their cocktails and their late opening hours.  Who doesn't love scrambled eggs at 3am?

After refuelling (and charging my phone up) I managed to order an Uber before anyone else and whisked myself home for some much needed sleep.



  1. I love those nights, only going for one then ending up out all night. The unplanned factor is definitely what makes it more fun. They're always the best nights.
    I went to uni in London and havent been out there since I graduated nearly 4 years ago. You're post has taken me back and made me miss it!

  2. Can't believe we ended up in the same place!

  3. They sound so fun I will have to check them out next time i'm out in covent garden!

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