Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween at the US Embassy

“Today, I attended a friend's birthday party dressed as a ninja. I soon discovered that ninjas are very misunderstood.” ― Wayne Gerard Trotman

On Friday I was invited to a Hallowe'en party at the U.S Embassy along with some friends. We decided on a group theme so we could make an impact!  The final decision (after sadly rejecting going as Steps) was The Wizard of Oz and I luckily managed to nab Dorothy.
The party was fun and the drinks were very reasonable so we definitely made the most of that.  The Embassy guards didn't bat an eyelid at our attire (even putting the tin man's 'body' through the scanner!) and we had people coming up to us all night asking to take their photo with us - I felt like Kim Kardashian!

Our TinMan seemed to be the most popular, but I think that's fair as he put the most effort into his costume.
I left before I turned into a pumpkin and went home on the train hiding under my jacket - amazingly I didn't get any comments so I must have looked normal compared to all the zombies and witches!

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  1. love your halloween look!

    from helen at

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