Friday, 14 November 2014

Learning Italian in London

“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” 
― Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMaxims and Reflections

Luckily I found languages quite easy at school. I did a French exchange trip with a sullen teen called Amandine, I had a blackboard duster thrown at my head by my German teacher, Frau Lloyd and I managed to get A* in my GCSEs
I've spent holidays in Germany and France since school but more time in Spain and Italy and not being able to speak the language always makes me feel inadequate.  
My Mum moved to France for a spell some years back in order to learn the language better, but in Spain speaks English in a Spanish accent to get her point across much to the amusement of me and my sister.

So, with all that in mind, I decided that perhaps it was time to start learning a new language with all the holiday-ing that I like to do.  I investigated various different courses and even dilly dallied over which language would be more useful.  In the end it came down to logistics and I chose a beginners Italian course in Central London, over 10 weeks.

I must admit I was a bit nervous of what to expect when I first arrived as its been a really long time since I was in a classroom and as it turned out almost all the class was made up of mid 20s girls trying to learn Italian to impress their Italian other half.  Having no such thing seemed to leave me at a bit of a disadvantage as they all knew how to say 'How are you?' and 'My name is'.... 

Luckily by lesson 3 I felt it had evened out and we all seem to be learning new skills.  I'm really enjoying using my brain to learn something new, and the languages I already know definitely help when it comes to recognising words or patterns.
Hopefully by the end of term I'll be confident enough to actually use it on my next journey to Italy.  A friend suggested I use a trip to Venice as motivation to keep going on the course so I'm just thinking of that!

Fino alla prossima volta

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