Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dinner at Bianco 43

“With languages, you are at home anywhere.” 
― Edward DeWalll

Let's face it - using your newly learned language abroad is scariest because if they actually understand you they might respond - and then what would you do?
This week after a 2 hour lesson about ordering food in an Italian restaurant, I ventured to a lovely Italian place off Trafalgar Square called Bianco43 with a friend.   You might think I'd try out my newly acquired skills on the friendly Italian waitress, but I totally chickened and ordered in English... 

If I don't practice here I'll never do it in Venice, but as my Italian accent sounds as authentic as a Mulberry bag from the Egyptian market I get too nervous and don't try.
Bianco43 Trafalgar Sq

Bianco 43 restaurant Trafalgar Sq

What I had learned in class would have done me proud as I could easily have ordered a pizza....'Vorrei una pizza margherita per favore'... well I suppose it's a good excuse to go back!  We had delicious pizzas (I ate too quickly to take a pic, sorry), they definitely rival my current fave Pizza Pilgrim so a return visit is definitely on the cards - oh and I loved the menu - printed as a newspaper, great gimmick!


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