Monday, 29 December 2014

Festive dinner at Rules restaurant

“Fortunately, though she was hungry, she didn't mind missing a meal. Life was full of meals. They took up an enormous proportion of one's time.” 
― Elizabeth von ArnimThe Enchanted April

Last week I headed with a group of colleagues to Rules for a Christmas dinner.
It's nestled in Covent Garden's Maiden Lane and is famous for being the oldest restaurant 
in London.  It's a bit like stepping back in time, from the doorman to the decor and I love the
waiting seats, pictured above, they're very regal!  It's very well known for it's Christmas decor, 
even the bust statues had Santa hats on.  
Tip; there's a cocktail bar upstairs but it has limited room so don't bank on being able to get in 
before your meal.

Now you may know by now I'm a bit of a fussy eater, so we called ahead to ask them to
reinstate the fish and chips to the menu which they gracefully did.  It's mainly game that is 
served, they have their own fisheries and farms and everything is so tasty and fresh. However 
it's not really a restaurant I'd recommend for vegetarians as the choices are  a little limited.

We started off with the Kate Middleton cocktail, which was a blend of vodka, gin and 
crystallised violets.  It was scrummy, but at almost £15 I can't pretend it was good value!
Kate Middleton cocktail at Rules

Rules menu
The meal of the night seemed to be boar and mushroom pie - it was HUGE, this picture doesnt do it justice.
pie at Rules

I swiftly moved onto cosmos, served at the table from the shaker - a nice touch.  I didn't have room for dessert, but there was a golden syrup sponge pudding that I had my eye on it looked delicious.  The service at Rules is amazing, our waiter even brought me a bottle of Heinz finest on a doily which I loved as I'm a ketchup super fan.  Everytime our glasses were low they'd top up the wine, beats Zizzi!
For a celebration or treat meal, Rules is perfect for the meat loving gang.  Book ahead as it gets really busy.


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