Monday, 22 December 2014

How To - The Perfect Selfie

Seeing as the festive party season is definitely upon us I thought I'd let you in on my top tips for the perfect selfie;
  • A good background; choosing a good background adds a great dimension to your perfect selfie

  • Hold your camera high; this will eliminate any mince pie filled double chins and is a more flattering angle
  • Good lighting; so important, nothing ruins a good picture than being so dark all you can see is teeth!  This definitely explains why so many selfies take place in the girls toilets!

  • Chin down, eyes up; Another chin flattering helpful tip! Push your chin slightly forward and down and keep your eyes up.
  • Choose a fun pose (and grab a friend); I'm personally a fan of the peace sign, but whatever floats your boat! I do not enjoy 'duck face' so I tend to smile too.
  • Filter; Once you've taken your perfect pic then get filtering.  Seriously there's not much that can't be improved by a flattering X-pro II or Nashville filter.

If that isn't enough to help you take the perfect pic then can I also suggest the Piclab app - they have a great selection of stickers you can place on top of your pics, which I love.  Also, the new trend theselfystick has made it's way onto my Christmas list.  Perfect for getting the scenery or a group of mates into your shot!

Happy snapping and send me your best attempts to @awanderlustblog 


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