Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ice skating at the Natural History Museum

“The problem with winter sports is that -- follow me closely here -- they generally take place in winter.” 
― Dave Barry

On Saturday a friend and I headed off to Cromwell Road to go ice skating at the largest outdoor rink in London at the Natural History Museum.  There's a bar there too if you'd rather drink cocktails and watch other people fall over.
Ice skating at Natural History Museum
I'm a huge fan of ice skating, we used to do it as a family day out when i was younger, i'm no pro but I really enjoy it and go to Somerset House every year.  This week, as I was going to be further west we decided to head to the rink at the Natural History Museum and I'm glad we did.
Aside from the fact that Ticketmaster now charge you to print your own ticket AT HOME, which I think is a disgrace, it's a reasonably priced, festive thing to do.
I went with a friend, and we luckily had our own photographer too in the shape of my friend's boyfriend who had decided not to skate.  We had a couple of photo fails, but overall think we got a couple of good shots.

Sadly the action shots were too blurry to post, but we had such a great time (whilst avoiding the show offs, drunk people and completely unstable on their feet people)
I would definitely recommend getting yourself down there, it's open til early Jan so you've got a little while to get organised.

Hope you enjoy it.


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