Tuesday, 9 December 2014

One Night In Italy - review

“We read to know we're not alone.” ― William NicholsonShadowlands

On Thursday I took a work trip and upon arrival at Kings Cross realised I'd forgotten a book.  I decided to treat myself to a new story to pass my travelling time.  As I'm studying Italian I was immediately drawn to the title of this book and was pleasantly surprised it was half price (ker -ching). It was even set in Sheffield, a Northern town which seeing as I was off to Leeds felt serendipitous so I purchased it in record time and jumped aboard my train.
I finished it in record time - less than 3 hours and found it a great read peppered with the Italian phrases I've been learning, so I got a bit of homework in too! (Although the class in the story seems to be learning faster than we are in mine).

Centred around a beginners Italian class run by a local girl, Sophie, the story unfolds and we find out about the characters in the class and why they've taken up learning the language. (In my class I'd say 90% are there as they have an Italian other half but thats another story).  There's Anna a journalist with a missing family member, Catherine a lonely housewife looking for a new hobby and Geraldine the actress wanting to be fluent for her holidays.  I could really identify with the nerves they all had starting off in week 1!

It's full of twists, embarrassment and girl power and I have to admit I loved it.  Yes it's a bit girly and has a lovely happy ending which is perhaps a touch unrealistic, but what more do you want on a cold Winter night?

Let me know if you've read it.


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