Monday, 23 February 2015

MSC Canaries Cruise

“What shall you do all your vacation?’, asked Amy. "I shall lie abed and do nothing", replied Meg.” ― Louisa May AlcottLittle Women

My Mum had the great idea of booking onto a cruise during half term and so research done, reviews read and agonising hours later - our plan was born and our romantic (?) Valetine's family cruise was booked.

We chose, round the Canary Islands for a 7 day trip.  We booked one indoor and one outdoor cabin and started packing.  I found a purse with 40EUR in from my 2014 Valencia trip which started things off nicely and then it was just a case of deciding which shoes to take (6pairs for 7days is fine, right?).

It was SLIGHTLY windy in Fuerteventura, our first stop off, but we enjoyed a chocolate milkshake in the town and got a little sunburnt too.

There were plenty of sun loungers on deck, along with 2 pools and a jacuzzi  - although I mainly devoured books and drank cocktails.
The food was delicious and there was fresh pizza available 12 hours a day, which basically made my week.  Oh and pancakes for breakfast as standard made getting up a bit easier too.
We had cake and champagne to celebrate Mum's special occasion, the staff decorated the table and made a fuss of us, although we're pretty sure they thought it was her birthday!  It was also formal night, so we dressed up and made sure we did a few corridor poses too.  Speaking of which, the corridors were so long that we got lost several times.  The ship has been renovated and extended recently so there was lots of space to explore.

On the one or two windy afternoons we retired to one of the lounges, our favourite was the piano bar, to have a game of scrabble - I nearly won but my sister beat me by 4 points!
This is the video of the ship extension if you're interested;

Have you been on a cruise? How did you find it?


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