Saturday, 21 March 2015

Things I don't understand

Since I'm confounded on a daily basis to the point that I feel like Joey Essex learning to tell the time, I thought I'd share my most bewildering with you in the hope that you'll share my pain.

  1. Choosing salad at a buffet - when carbs exist I cant get on board with this even if it is in Pizza hut and covered in dressing.
  2. Scrunchies being back in fashion -Like really? Is it 1992?
  3. People who get up early at the weekend when we all know weekends exist to lie in
  4. House music; give me SClub7 any day
  5. Boys who live with their parents - I don't care if you're saving for a deposit, do your own washing
  6. The phrase 'nom'.. can't you just say 'yum' like a normal person?
  7. Bad eyebrows; there's no excuse, get yourself down to Benefit pronto and sort it out
  8. Crop tops on adults, it's just scary
  9. People who can refuse a chocolate out of the office treat box... are you magic?
  10. Socks and sandals, not in an ironic Cher from Clueless way but in a Brit's abroad, handkerchief on head kind of way
  11. People who can't queue properly; pushing in is NOT acceptable
  12. Kids with iPhones.. surely no 8 year old has that active a social life?
  13. Lo salt.. There's nothing more to say.
  14. People who are incapable of saying what they mean - spit it out, please
What gets your goat?

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