Friday, 13 March 2015

Venice visits

“Italy and London are the only places where I don't feel to exist on sufferance.” 
― E.M. Forster

I've finally booked a trip to Venice!
I have been desperate to go for so long and now I only have to wait a couple more months.

Blogger-verse please send me your top tips, must sees, must eats etc for the most beautiful city I can imagine.
We've found a great deal on a hotel, I already have my Euros (left over from the cruise) and I'm cramming my Italian lessons in so that I can actually perhaps use a phrase or two while I'm there.
We're currently learning how to ask for, and give directions which is giving me no end of trouble but hopefully i'll get to grips with it soon enough.  My accent however leaves something to be desired.  If you want to learn, have a gander at the video below;
We're planning lots of sight seeing, followed by lots of prosecco and pasta.  I definitely fancy a trip in a gondola, seeing as it's so iconic.  I'm looking forward to taking lots of pictures and am hoping for good weather.

If you've been, please let me know your favourite places - I want to make the most of our limited time!


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  1. The town on the water! What can I saw "A Floating City" very nice capture.


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