Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sky Garden - London

“The proper way to understand any social system was to view it from above.” 
― Eleanor CattonThe Luminaries

I took a trip, up 35 flight to the newest destination bar set high above the City.
Situated across from the Shard at the other end of London Bridge sits the SkyGarden - a cross between an urban jungle and a snazzy cocktail bar.  It's a 3 storey atrium encompassing two restaurants as well as the garden bar.  The wave of vertigo took my by surprise as I gazed across the City, but I got used to it quite quickly!
We visited on a Saturday eve, in time for sundown and made the most of the gorgeous looking cocktail list (we went for Mademoiselle Collins and Jar of Passion) to go with our gossiping session.

Oddly the outdoor terrace wasn't open post 6pm (so probably not a great place for smokers to visit) but apparently they're hoping to extend the hours that you are able to take in the alfresco view.

As during the daylight hours you have to book a slot for entry, it felt very exclusive as it wasn't too busy.  There was a nice vibe, but it wasn't rammed which meant I didn't have to queue too long to get my hands on those pretty drinks!
As the sun set the fairy lights came on, and to my surprise a live band started playing in the midst of the greenery. It was such a lovely atmosphere;  we took some more pics, had a good laugh and catch up before moseying on home.


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