Saturday, 13 June 2015

A weekend on a boat, in Sardinia

A few weeks ago I managed to sneak off to Sardinia for a long weekend.  My friends with the boat have taken their boat all over the place and the beginning of May found them in Cagliari.
Aside from the fact it took me as long to get to Stanstead from my house as it does to get from London to Italy, my journey was a smooth one and I arrived to 30 degree sunshine and beautiful views.

My friend who's living on the boat was without her hubby for 2 weeks so I swooped in to fill the gap and spent some girl time in the sun.
The views from the boat were gorgeous and we spent one evening just playing Uno, drinking prosecco, eating cheese and watching the sun set.  But when we did venture into the town I managed to practice some more of my rusty Italian skills and did lots of pizza ordering.
We found an amazing cemetery which had family crypts and single plots - it was kind of spooky but really pretty at the same time.  

We visited the botanical gardens, which were gorgeous and provided some much needed shade for my super pale skin!  We found some catacombs to explore, which were kind of spooky and then i banged my head on the ceiling so I escaped back to the sunshine.

Have you been to Cagliari? What did you think?

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  1. Wonderful photos - eyecatching, colourful, meaningful ! And, very nice article ! Thanks ....


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