Thursday, 20 August 2015

August vibes

“Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?” 
― Dodie SmithI Capture the Castle

August has proved itself the most dramatic month of my year so far - and it's not even finished.

Being an absolute carb-o-holic you might find it surprising to know I've gone cold turkey on sugar and bread/pasta & potatoes.  Its not a forever plan, but hopefully a way to kick the habit of over indulging, whilst improving my waistline.  I've been chowing down on lots of chicken and veg and have added several new items to my 'will eat' list (which was painfully small). 
I have been finding some Instagram accounts very useful to spur me on to craving salads and avocado instead of my usual milky ways or bowls of pasta.
So that's good progress and I'll see how I do for the next few weeks.

Whilst undertaking that challenge, I've had a couple of very stressful weeks which have seen me reaching for imaginary sugar.  There's a new project in the offing, something I've been hoping for for a long time and finally seems to be happening.  It has meant a few uncomfortable conversations and some tears (thankfully not mine) but I feel like I can finally see the finish line, which is a positive thought.

Speaking of positive thoughts I watched Hector and the Search for Happiness the other day, whilst browsing Netflix for something to stick on.  I ended up utterly engrossed and although the film was obviously blown out of realistic proportions - it did make me question what it is exactly that makes us happy.  
Whilst money and career, love and health are all important, what actually causes happiness ? Why are we, as first world citizens, often unhappier than people who live with nothing but have a better attitude to life? Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the matter below!

I have decided, egged on by my sunny natured sister actually, to write down my positive thoughts every day in an attempt to be become less cynical and 'Londonised' as she likes to put it.  So in a notebook I am scribbling down something positive every day to remind myself that life is good and my mutterings and moanings are ridiculous.

The rest of the month will pass in a blur I'm sure, and Autumn will be upon us before we know it.  
Until then,


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