Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Spa Day - Marriott Tudor Park

My friend and I planned a little treat day as we have very different work schedules and it's normally quite hard to find time to catch up.  We decided to have a lovely relaxing afternoon at a spa and after much deliberation eventually settled on the Marriott Tudor Park in Maidstone.  
We found a decent deal which included afternoon tea and a treatment so we booked  ourselves in and I offered to drive us down to Maidstone.  The grounds and leisure facilities were lovely.  The pool felt very spacious and wasn't busy at all which was fab.
We took our gym kit but decided not to actually expend any energy and instead we had a lazy swim/gossip before heading down to the spa to enjoy a massage. 
After being thoroughly relaxed, we got changed and headed up to the bistro for our afternoon tea - after all, we'd worked up quite an appetite with all that chatting.  It felt a bit naughty to be eating jam and scones after so long without sugar and carbs - but a little treat now and then is necessary.. I'm sure it is....

Unfortunately the traffic on the way back was horrific so my shoulders returned to their normal resting place under my ears pretty quickly, but it was great to have a chilled afternoon with one of my closest friends.  I'd visit the spa again, seeing as it's pretty handy for where I live, but I'm sure it'll be a while before I find the time again


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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Those scones look delicious! Have a nice weekend :)



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