Thursday, 24 December 2015

Las Vegas: The Neon Museum

“After the film it was raining, a light steady rain. Ruthless neon on the wet streets like busted candy.” 
― Denis JohnsonNobody Move

My favourite part of this trip was a visit to the Neon Museum with my three friends.  It was bright, sunny and warm and we were shown round by a docent, a local NV resident who was full of anecdotes about the crazy city.

It really was such an interesting hour, I felt like I learnt a lot about the history of the Strip - and spent quite a lot of time posing for pics too, I only wish I'd worn a more glam outfit!

Signs get donated by the hotels or by the sign makers as the Boneyard is a charity and they get new signs donated regularly.  Although implosions of hotels are much more rare now, they used to practically be a tourist attraction in the early 2000s.

People can hire the site for photo shoots and music videos - it was such a cool backdrop, I felt like Britney Spears! Definitely worth the trip and it only cost about £12 (please book online in advance though as we had to go a day later than planned due to lack of organisation). Culture in Vegas - who knew?!


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