Saturday, 30 January 2016

Almond blondies with sugar free frosting

“Bake with love..”
― Manuela Kjeilen 

In a fit of hunger last weekend I took to the kitchen and started baking. I had a huge craving for sugar but didn't want to give in, so took to The Unrefined Kitchen in search of a sugar hit. I added sugar free chocolate chunks to keep the recipe refined sugar free.

Now the images on their website are far more glam than what I ended up with, but they tasted delicious and that's what matters. I froze half the batch so that I didn't devour it all in one go as despite being sugar and gluten free it's definitely not a calorie free cake. Who knew there were so many calories in almond flour!?

The recipe said to cook for up to 20 mins, my cake seemed too soggy still so I did an extra 8 mins but it ended up looking rather burnt.  The almond flour cakes are very dense, but this had a great moist texture and feels like a sugary treat.

When i defrosted the second batch a few days later, I had an epiphany and topped it with sugar free choc orange frosting I'd made from this recipe and it was like a taste of heaven. Quite a treat for a Thursday breakfast but it felt so good.
So it's true, you can have a refined sugar free treat and enjoy it!


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