Sunday, 24 January 2016

Healthy Meals

A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”
― Jess C. Scott

I am happily widening the range of foods I eat, as I've explained before, veg was a rarity pre-August and I can practically feel my body sighing with happiness when I eat spinach now.
In case you're not as obsessed with Instagram as I am and need some inspiration when you're craving a take away, I thought I'd put together a little post on some healthy options you can whip up pretty quickly. Two of my new favourite things are Heck chicken sausages and FROZEN AVOCADO HALVES. I mean, my life is changed, no more rock hard disappointments just fresh, peeled, de-stoned avos ready for my salads. Try it, you'll thank me!
Cauliflower cheese grill, chicken sausages and veg
Scrambled eggs, avo, Linda Mccartney veggie sausages

Pizza Express Pollo salad with no dough sticks!
Veggie sausages with courgetti in tomato sauce
Cauliflower rice, chicken sausages and courgetti
Banana pancakes with yogurt and sugar free choc make a great brunch
Fish pie with califlower mash and veg
Breakfast delights - avo, scramble and wholemeal toast
Soybean pasta, quorn mince and avo and cottage cheese topping

Fish pie, cauli mash and carrots
Eating out is probably the hardest challenge. Depending on whether you're calorie counting, doing low carb or low sugar as your priority will change what you order. I was amazed to find that a Leggara pizza had less calories that the pollo salad I was about to choose at Pizza Express the other day. I have been concentrating mainly on low carb, but thought that actually a 'healthy choice' pizza was the better choice as it felt like a treat but was mainly still salad!
Padana Leggera

Chicken breast and grilled veg
Halloumi tortilla and salad
Hopefully you're feeling completely inspired now to rustle up something clean and lean, I've just tucked into a lovely chicken salad post workout and feeling totally smug.  If you're reading this chomping on a twix.. I envy you!



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