Monday, 11 January 2016

Refined Sugar & Gluten free Banana Loaf

  “Baking is like washing--the results are equally temporary.”
― Patricia Briggs,
Raven's Shadow

I spent Sunday having a bit of a bake off in my mini kitchen as I was craving something sweet but didn't want to dip into the forbidden treat box.  (Surprisingly I've done very well at ignoring the chocolate actually.. long may it continue).

So on the search for something I could just about call healthy, I did a bit of research, made a few amendments and came up with this..

You will need:

100g almond flour/meal
2 medium eggs
A squirt of honey
15g cacao powder
2 mashed bananas (over ripe ideally)
I also added a tablespoon of MuscleFoods Prutella but this is optional! 


Mash your banana thoroughly, mix into 2 whisked eggs.  Add almond flour and stir.
Add other ingredients and mix thoroughly.
Pour into lined tin, or muffin cases and cook at 180 degrees for half an hour, or until a knife inserted into the cake comes out clean.

Then leave to chill, slice and instagram!

The finished product surprised me by being light, moist and just sweet enough to satisfy my taste buds.  I worked out the calories to be 120 per slice if you cut this loaf into 10 slices.  Obviously the challenge now is not to eat the whole thing in one day as then it really wouldn't be healthy at all.. as my Mum likes to say at least once a week 'Bananas are God's mars bars' so banana in moderation!



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  1. You constantly amaze me, you have baking parchment even, Mum x


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