Thursday, 14 January 2016

What I know now

 “Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough”
― Oprah Winfrey

Now we've made it successfully into 2016 and the New Year positivity might be starting to wane, I thought I'd do an update on What I Know Now.  I wrote a post a while ago (here) which was pretty popular and I feel like my new (somewhat) positive outlook can contribute something to these thoughts.

So, here we go, let me know what you think!
Being positive starts from the inside - I've started a Positivity journal, I write (at least) one line a day - something to be thankful for, or grateful about, or looking forward to, or feeling proud of.  This way I can look back on my achievements and also start looking out for positive things around me every day.  Hopefully a positive nature will attract a more positive life - of course on a Monday morning this is almost impossible... but I'll let you know how I get on.

Alone time is brilliant- Getting (slightly) older, or owning a flat, or perhaps due to my health consciousness has really affected my desire to go out. Nights in are my new favourite and I'm more often than not under a blanket watching a rom com on Netflix happy as larry. Although I've always been fairly happy in my own company, I cherish it these days to the point that I decline invites to go out sometimes, just so I can chill at home (I still don't manage to find time to hoover tho....).  If you're happy hanging by yourself then you're always a winner.

HIIT sessions are the best-  I've got right into High Intensity Interval Training as I'm sure you've read by now.  You can do it anywhere and your stamina improves so quickly.  It burns fat like no ones business and you don't need any equipment.  My first session I had to rest after 5 mins, now I can do 25 'easily'. I still look bright purple when I finish though.  Have a look at this as an intro BodyCoach has really inspired my HIIT training, I think he's great and it definitely works for me - I love melting that lard.

Family is everything - Do not take your family for granted.  Bear in mind it's not always blood family either, it might be people who have come into your life another way but you know have your back 100%. Never let those people go - be it Mum, Sis, 3rd cousin or work colleague, if they're there for you make sure you're there for them too.  Support and encouragement is so important to reach your personal goals so make sure you have people cheering you on.

Holidays are good for you - Getting away from the mundane and experiencing new things is only a good thing. Whether it's trying new food at the all inclusive buffet or climbing a mountain or exploring a foreign city, opening your mind is a wonderful thing (this also applies to reading, which is a holiday for your imagination!) Book a mini break, a week on a beach, a 3 week road trip - whatever you can afford or fancy and get at that world. I managed to fit in 5 last year and hope to match that this year.

Drink more water - this one is important. The benefits of water are about ten- fold. Aim for 3 ltrs a day, spread out over the day and watch your skin start to glow.  It also helps you to stop snacking!  Which leads me onto my new favourite quote 'Never drink to feel better, drink to feel even better' which I saw in a stupid Reese Witherspoon movie but is totally true.  Alcohol is not a solution - I only drink in moderation but am going to take this saying forward with me.

What are your top tips for life ? Let me know below



  1. Wow I'm so proud of you, go girl!

  2. Lovely post! I absolutely love the Body Coach and everything he stands for and I can't agree enough with the drinking water comment!


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