Thursday, 11 February 2016

1Rebel - Reshape class

“It's easier to stay in shape if you never let yourself get out of shape in the first place.”
― Bill Loguidice

On Saturday I bit the bullet and took a friend along to 1 Rebel for a fitness class like no other.  I must admit I was pretty nervous pre-class because even though I've upped my fitness loads recently, I don't really do classes very often and being pushed by a toned intimidating Barbie does not appeal to me. However, my ReShape class was led by the wonderful Sammy, who despite being gorgeous was supportive, motivating and not intimidating in the least. 
 The class I did is a mix of treadmill work and bench weights which perhaps sounds worse than it is! It's an all over body workout and it lasts 45 minutes. You work in 5 min sets switching between the treadmill and the weights work. The room is lit by colourful disco lights and the play list is pretty hardcore although I zoned out until I could only hear my heart pounding frantically.
After 30 mins I was dripping with sweat and everything was shaking but I kept going (which is unusual for me) and the post work out high is still going strong!
Girls - the changing rooms are gorgeous (although queuing for the shower would get old, fast). They have GHDs, make up remover, deodorant, hairspray and even cold flannels in a Smeg fridge to cool down your face post workout.... all very instagrammable, which quite frankly is unsurprising as 1Rebel is definitely 'cool'. I wonder how many classes I have to do before I can join their gang!?

I'll definitely be going back, I've told a few friends and they want to join me so perhaps I can start a 1Rebel crew of my own - who's with me?


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