Sunday, 28 February 2016

My new tattoo

 “They keep track of time. Sometimes things happen and you feel that you need to mark them down.”
― Scott O'Connor, Untouchable

As you may know I am rather a fan of tattoos ( I have three and have been planning number four and five for a while.  After a friend asked me why I was procrastinating on actually doing it, I took the plunge and got booked in.

I chose a studio off Brick Lane after a personal recommendation from a friend - always reassuring. I sent off my design idea, paid a deposit and started getting nervous!
On the big day I asked a friend to come with me for moral support - I chose someone who already had a tattoo, as I thought he'd be reassuring.. he wasn't.  He got freaked out by.. of all things... the clingfilm (lol). So not much help but he took some good candid pics, so he was useful for something.
I had to barter with the designer a bit, he wanted to do it at least twice the size, for detail reasons and he couldn't understand why I wanted it upside down, as in facing me. but after a little persuasion he drew up a new stencil and we got about the serious business of the inking.

 Half way through picture, outline done, this bit only took about 20 minutes.
After almost 2 hours, but only about 45 mins of actual tattooing, we paid up, left into a rainstorm and made our way to Spitalfields for some food.  My arm felt a bit numb for a while but an epic breakfast quickly brought it back to life.
 Full picture of the finished thing soon!


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