Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Roller Disco on the Southbank

“With gas prices so high, why do cops ride around in cars? They should cruise around on roller skates.
― Jarod Kintz,
Sleepwalking is restercise

As a massive Starlight Express fan I will use any excuse to pretend I'm Pearl... so when I heard there was a roller disco on the Southbank I was in.  I booked tickets online for the bargain price of £10 and signed up my friends pronto.
I was delighted to find, on arrival, that our skates were glittery and had LIGHT UP WHEELS. I honestly couldn't get enough. I was not as pleased to discover that roller skating was not quite as easy as I'd remembered or as similar to ice skating as I'd hoped. 
There was a DJ playing mainly 90s RnB which I thoroughly approved of.  We zoomed around, trying not to fall and only had a couple of near misses... I seriously hoped after half an hour I'd be a graceful ballerina type but sadly it was not to be. I didn't embarrass myself though, so that's something. We even had the place to ourselves for about 20 minutes so we attempted a few more difficult maneuvers before realising there were people outside on the street taking pics through the window - cringe!

I had a lovely little wander along the Southbank too to snap this pic, the view from Waterloo bridge is my absolute favourite.
Get yourself down to Bump Club, it's really fun and we had great service from the team too.

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