Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fitness, dieting and living your life

 “Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.”
― Jim Davis

There's a fine line between being mindful of healthy eating and becoming obsessed with it.  Whilst I'm so pleased that I've managed to turn a corner to Healthy Eating Street, I do miss Sugar Avenue and know it wouldn't take too long before I got stuck doing a three point turn and ended up staying there again.
So, that means I have to be careful, almost all the time which is pretty tricky.  Then, when I decide, I can allow myself a limited number of treats and really enjoy them.  
Prepping my meals for the day/week or at the least doing a food diary (My Fitness Pal is your friend) is really helping me not give into cravings. I either take a packed lunch or buy in the morning before I'm hungry to ensure I'm having a healthy, low carb option mid day and then make sure I know my dinner choice well before I start the endless stare into the freezer looking for inspo.

Fitness wise, I'm trying to work out three times a week - useful but sustainable. There's no point me doing a crazy 6 times a week thing for 5 minutes and then giving up.  It's better to make a lifestyle change I hope I can sustain.  Although when I'm on holiday the routine goes out of the window as I'm usually knee deep in croissants.
I'm generally doing a mix of HIIT, running, Kayla's BBG and swimming and so far am sticking to it. I have a grand idea that I'd like to look a certain way (good in a bikini) and despite my delightful weight loss, I'm not there yet.  But hopefully with a few months determination I can get there, or here's hoping at least.  The selfies are just proof that I actually worked up a sweat!

Treats in the week are (mainly) limited to sugar free.. but the choices are getting wider and wider which is amazing. Working 5 steps away from Whole Foods is a definite bonus and I've picked up some beauties, although there's even more choice online.
I've also become a fan of The Detox Kitchen who rustle up some sugar free treats daily and I salivate over their beetroot brownies.   Livia's Kitchen raw choc orange bites are the new craze- certainly on Instagram!  I tried them last week and was super impressed. They're £5 for a box of 10 at Selfridges and again are available online too.  They have 140 kcals for 2 bites - BUT - they are guilt free bites as they have no refined sugar, gluten, grains and that makes them an excellent clean treat to me.
Today I rustled up some courgette chocolate brownies (they are topped with mini eggs but otherwise gluten and sugar free). They're only around 100 kcals per slice and I find they really satisfy my sweet tooth.  The recipe is here if you want to try yourself (and you should).  Now the aim is to limit it to one brownie a day!
I have to admit it's hard not to become obsessed and I'm grateful my friends haven't got sick of me talking about it yet, but I fear if I don't think and talk about it, I'll forget and go off the healthy rails!  I'm really chuffed that 2 of my friends have taken up the healthy reins and have started healthy eating inst-blogs. Check out and I think having a way to be accountable really helps to keep you on track.  If you want to give me a follow click on 
I hope this might inspire you to look at your average diet- how much refined sugar are you eating and can you make any simple swaps to clean up your intake?  Whatever you do, don't get obsessed and remember anything's ok in moderation ;)


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