Saturday, 2 April 2016

Flying Thoughts

“My airplane is quiet, and for a moment still an alien, still a stranger to the ground, I am home.”
― Richard Bach,
Stranger to the Ground

I had a work trip to Germany this week and on the way home I ended up with a window seat. I'm normally a fan of the aisle seat because I like being able to stretch my legs and get up when I need to. As this was a short flight I thought I could handle the window and I ended up with the most amazing view over London as we came into Heathrow.

Something about being so high up in the sky does make you think about your place in the Universe and the clouds are so peaceful you can't help but feel calm (unless there's loads of turbulence, in which case my peace evaporates!)
I thought you might like a little slice of cloud to have your own zen moment amongst the madness, so here you go!

I took these pics on my Iphone so I can't say the quality is amazing, but the view took my breath away!


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