Saturday, 23 April 2016

Guilt free choc-crispy cakes

 “If you love peanut butter pie, you are either Dolly Parton or someone who loves her.”
― Kate Lebo,
A Commonplace Book of Pie

So with a day off work I decided to have a 'me' day. I had a nice lie in, protein zoats for breakfast, took a trip into town, spent way too much money on holiday 'essentials' and a few other extras.
When I got back I had eggs and avocado and then really fancied something sweet. So.... using Deliciously Ella's recipe as a base I came up with something guilt free, full of goodness and totally satisfying to my sweeeeeeeet tooth. 
I used 50g puffed brown rice rather than quinoa as per Ella's recipe but the end result was much the same.  I made 10 cakes and worked it out to 80kcals per portion.  I didn't use as much oil or butter as Ella so hers will be more calorific if you follow it exactly.

They're so easy to make - it literally took less than 10 mins, then stick them in the fridge/freezer until set... and enjoy! After you've licked the bowl, guilt free of course!
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  1. These look amazing! I love having 'me' days!


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