Saturday, 27 August 2016

Swingers Crazy Golf

“Winning isn't everything--but wanting to win is.”
― Vince Lombardi Jr. 

I insist you get yourselves down to Swingers Crazy Golf asap, it is such a fun night out and I genuinely had a whale of a time. As you know I'm partial to a neon sign, so when I saw this entrance I knew I was in for a good time.

 I hadnt realised that the 'street food' advertised was actually stands from some great London restaurants, including my favourite Pizza Pilgrim.  It was just too hard to resist, so I ended up digging in (lets not talk about the cheesy chips I might have taste tested too....)  A simple margarita remains my fave choice, but only once in a while.

Then after we'd eaten and drunk it was time to... golf!  The pics are super dark due to my IPhone but you can get the jist!  You have 6 shots per hole, per person - but you shouldn't realllllly need them.. well unless you're me!  I could happily have played for an hour but I reckon the 9 holes only took us about 30 mins (there were 3 in our gang).  When I go back I think I'd book for 2 courses (at least!)

Here are a couple of the promo pics so you can get a better view - the bar was something out of a 1920s train station, gorgeous - turquoise and wood... so I was tempted to a XXX martini to drown my losing sorrows.

I'm already planning my return trip - if only for a photo opp on that buggy!

Let me know if you go


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