Sunday, 18 September 2016

A weekend in Sitges

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” 
– Ibn Battuta

I spent last week in Sitges, near Barcelona. An easy 40 mins from the airport on a double decker train.  It was a friends birthday so we rented a gorgeous villa (I felt like I was a celeb) and set about some celebrating.

The weather was glorious, we had a cracking thunderstorm one evening too which was epic to watch, if not a bit scary!

The beaches are pretty and clean, the sun was shining and the alcohol plentiful.  We were a mixed group of 14 so there were plenty of people to chat to and lots of fun to be had.  It was International Bear Week which is many a gay man's's probably not the idea week for a single girl to head to Sitges... but I went along with the flow as much as I could.  Miming along to show tunes at El Piano was my favourite, when I finally won a space in front of the wind machine.

The town is quite pretty, although I confess we didn't do much exploring as it was too hot for me.  I had a good look around in the evenings though.

We found an amazing roof top bar, Vivero, with a lovely restaurant underneath where we had a pre-dinner cocktail most nights. 

Felica the flamingo is my new favourite thing and it was nice not to feel too self concious in my cossie too.

Fairly sure you've never been to Bear Week, but if I'm wrong let me know how you survived it!

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