Saturday, 8 October 2016

A trip to Verona

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy”
― Giuseppe Verdi

Italy is definitely my favourite country to visit..the weather, the scenery, the pizza... so when a friend suggested a last minute trip to Verona I was all over it and we promptly escaped to Italia to meet Romeo and Juliet!
We stayed in a really central hotel which meant we could walk everywhere (and according to MyFitnessPal we absolutely did) and we opted for breakfast included which means no having to get ready before you get to eat your croissants. 

With daily ice cream being a necessity we planned a little itinerary which involved a lot of casual cardio - walking, climbing bridges, climbing amphitheatre steps, crossing rivers and doing cartwheels (for boomerang purposes!) Our average seemed to be about 9 miles a day, which meant I totally earned my daily carbs and sugar.

First up was the Arena, right by our hotel and luckily with it being a Sunday only 1EUR. We were super disappointed, it's actually a working open air Opera space so the history of it was more or less eroded and the metal seats didn't provide much glamour.  Outside it's beautiful and all lit up at night, but not really worth the walk around.

So, then we travelled over to the tower that my boss had made me promise to climb (there's a lift for you lazy ones) and walked up about a million stairs. It was definitely worth it (1EUR entry on a Sunday as well) as the view over the city was amazing, Juliet eat your heart out. 

The other highlight of our trip, aside from daily pizza, was a trip to the 
Its 7EUR to get in, but so worth it. The gardens, views and maze (!!) are a delight and the photo opportunities are endless. We climbed a 'secret' tower and found ourselves in a hidden garden - and we also got bitten by a million mosquitos, but let's not dwell on that.

Food wise gelato and pasta made up the majority of my eating habits - there's a gelatoria on every corner and finding anything green was tricky, so we stuck to pizza, pasta, arancini and prosecco. Ironically prosecco is cheaper in most places than bottled water, so it was economical to get a bit tipsy.  We found most of our dinner recommendations from Trip Advisor but lunch times just ate as we wandered. 

I think 2 nights would have been enough, we had three so we did a day trip to Venice - check out my next post for details on that.
Have you been to Verona? 

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