Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Returning to Venice

 “What about damp? What about flooding? Wouldn't it make sense to have a little lawn or garden as a sort of buffer zone between the house and the water? But then it wouldn't be Venice, said Connie's voice in my head. Then it would be Staines.”
― David Nicholls,
Amidst our trip to Verona we realised we could squeeze in a day trip to Venice, so being the super fan of Venice that I am, I insisted that we make it happen.
We got up early and were eating nutella slathered cake at 8.30am so that we could catch a 10am train to the city on water.  
It's pretty cool entering a town on a bridge over a lagoon and we set about finding our way, without a map, to the Rialto bridge. I have to admit Venice is fairly easy to figure out as there's a canal down the middle to keep you on the right track!

Every corner is a photo opportunity so after a million bridge pics and some lunch, we hopped on a water bus to the island of Burano, which is where all the houses are painted in bright colours.
The sun was glistening, the houses looked glorious, I was in photo heaven, holding a gelato and soaking up the atmosphere.

We were knackered by the time we finally got back to the mainland and dashed for our train back to Verona, but it was so worth the trip.


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