Saturday, 12 November 2016

Arlo & Moe....eating South East

“Hope makes a good breakfast. Eat plenty of it.”
― Ian Fleming,
From Russia With Love

On Sunday, with my family in town, we headed to Arlo & Moe for a hearty brunch. We luckily grabbed the last available table and squeezed in.
Situated right by Hither Green Station this handily located eatery is finally helping to make HG a desirable place to be.  They have just celebrated their first birthday and I felt bad that I hadnt yet supported a local business.  Their locations are all South East London and it appears to be run by a couple with a young baby - who needs The Apprentice?
Obviously I absolutely couldn't resist their 'Sexy Toast' so went for eggs & beans, it was pretty difficult to resist the French Toast though.  For a tiny cafe I thought the choice was plentiful, the decor was charming and there was a nice atmosphere.

We ordered at the counter, which was piled with yummy looking cakes, croissants and sausage rolls... perhaps a pre work take out next time! Unfortunately, we then waited an awfully long time for our food to arrive.  The place was packed, but still - half an hour for eggs on toast isnt ideal..
 When it finally did arrive, I was not disappointed. A massive plate of carbs and eggs, perfect Sunday morning food- there's something about cafe eggs that I just can't replicate, but they were delish.  Oh & I treated myself to a hot chocolate too, well it was Sunday.

For me, a friendly, well portioned, local breakfast place is just what you need for a weekend. I will definitely return, anyone wanna come visit? Or maybe I'll take myself for lunch!



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