Sunday, 6 November 2016

Livia's kitchen fan girl

“The cookie-verse is infinite”
― Dorie Greenspan, Dorie's Cookies 

No this post isn't sponsored, I wish it was but I'm a huge fan of Livia's Kitchen. I already buy the millionaire bites in spades from WholeFoods, but I'm also starting to experiment more in the kitchen with the recipes that she has on her website too.
I'm already a big fan of the chocolate cookies, which I make at least every 2 weeks - they're sugar free and are made of oats, almond flour, cocoa and honey.  If i'm feeling really adventurous I dip them in raw choc for an added bonus! I can't pretend they look cafe ready, but they taste pretty yummy.

However, today's post is about something even more glorious
Time for a new experiment, which I'm delighted to report, had excellent results.  I varied from the recipe with the filling, as I went for the as a topping. What else is a girl to do with overripe avocados? 

I'm delighted that they look so fancy and photo ready and even happier that they taste yummy and decadent yet contain NO REFINED SUGAR.  Yes, they have honey in, but considering what I used to eat whilst sitting on the sofa.... Let me know if you're brave enough to attempt them too!


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  1. That's awesome that these cookies have no refined sugar.


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